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Arj Barker

I'm ARJ, and i'm a mini-star.
... a little about myself ...
Sex: Male
... a little more about myself ...
Name: Arj Barker
Legal Name: Ricky Shroeder
Age: 28
Date of Birth: Aug. 12, 74
Place of birth: Vagina
Occupation: comic, actor, writer, fisherman
Hobbies: biking, guitar, snowboarding, needlepoint, hang-gliding, coloring
Some of my Favorite CDs: OK Computer (radiohead); Odelay (beck); Devil's Music Vol. I (white zombie); Dummy (portishead); Dark Side of The Moon (pink floyd); Follow the Leader (rakim and erik b); Kind of Blue (miles davis); Enima (tool); Moon Safari (air)
Favorite Restaurants: Jim Otto's Burger King (Auburn,CA), Pluto's (Marina, SF), DeNiro's (Edinburgh, Scotland), 1st (Lower East Side, NY,NY), Cecile's Trattoria (Venice, Italy), Randy's Grub Hut (Botswana, Africa)
Graduated: Sir Francis Drake High, 1989
Airco Technical Institute, 1989
Bryman Bartending School, 1989
Control Data Institute, 1989
Current City(s) of Residence: San Francisco, Hollywood, London, Yreka, Hemel Hemstead
Drink of Choice: Jamison Whiskey "on the rocks" - (KIDS, ask your parents permission before drinking and driving!), Chivas Regal and YooHoo, 'cran-flap' (vodka/soda/cranberry)
Some of my Favorite Comedians*: Michael Meehan,Brian Regan, Mitch Hedburg, Harmon Leon, Harry Hill, Dave Attel, Larry " Bubbles" Brown, Tony Camin, Kevin Kataoka, Brian Mallow, Phil Jupitus, Sean Locke, Karin Anderson, Jo Enright, Cathy Sorbo, Roger Rittenhaus, Tom Rhodes, Gene Pompa, Dave Raab, Karin Kilgarrif, Dave Rath, Brian "BRUNO" Posain, Dave Cross, Bruce Cherry, Dan Thompson, Joe Klosick, Robert Hawkins,Jeff Green,Steven Wright, Al Madigral, Mike Wilmot, Sean Locke, Mike Gunn, Dave Johns, Cash Levy, Robert Mac, Nick Swardson, Dave Rath, Juicy Juice-butt, Dylan Moran, Lord Greydak III, Joe Bartnick, Jimmy Pardo
(*Names may be spelled incorrectly & order of names is insignificant)
Comedic Influences: Marty Stouffer
Favorite Food: Italian, Scottish
Countries Performed in: United States, Canada, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Channel Islands), Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Poland, France, China (Hong Kong), Norway, Australia

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